On the Farm

January & February

The start of another farming year, this is just an insight into some of the main jobs that are under taken on the farm throughout the seasons. New Hanson Grange is Farm Assured with excellent husbandry and farming policies.

The maintaining of  boundary dry stone walls, an all year round job.

Feeding & cleaning the housed cows until they are put out to grass in the Spring.

March & April

Lambing time on the farm with our rare breed Grey Face Dartmoor & Lleyn Sheep begins in the middle of March!

Manure spreading to fertilize the pastures.

Some of the beef cows are sold for breeding or store cattle and again in October between the ages of 18-24th months. Local cattle markets Bakewell (Monday) & Leek (Tuesday)

A Partridge count to see how many pairs we have on the farm as part of a conservation Project. A second count is done in September.


The beef cows are turned out to grass after wintering inside for 6 months.

Dagging out the sheep, in preparation for shearing.

Sheep shearing

Servicing the farm machinery ready for the harvesting.


Harvesting the grass as silage in round bales to provide fodder over the winter.

Stafford agricultural show 31st May and 1st June 2017


Hay making

The sheep are rounded up again to be drenched to prevent blow fly.

Leek agricultural show 29th July 2017


Harvest a second cut of silage.

Rounding up the sheep again in preparation for the  Autumn sales.

The local agricultural shows take place in August starting with Bakewell (2nd & 3rd), Manifold (12th), Ashover (9th), Ashbourne show (19th) and finally Hope (28th). A great day out for the whole family,  entertainment, local crafts and livestock.

Dovedale sheep dogs trials at Blore 24th August 2017.


Lambs are bought in to replenish the stock. They are all vaccinated & wormed before they are put to grass on the banks of the River Dove.

Chatsworth Country Fair 1st - 3rd 2017


The Ram is introduced to his flock of ewes after being redundant for most of the year!!

Brailsford Ploughing match 5th October 2016


The beef cows are rehoused again for the winter months and will be fed on the grass fodder made over the summer.


Routine TB testing in the beef livestock.

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